Minggu, 25 Februari 2018

#So This Is Good Bye!

Good bye Bangkok~ see you another time!
Two of us was the last students in Bangkok.

#behind the scene 1

#On Vacation Time!

This was the last trip with the buddies and the lecturers. We went to two places in day,  Cha – Am Beach and Floating Market. It was quite sad actually.

#Last Week in Bangkok: See ya Fellas~

#Last Week in Bangkok: See ya Fellas~
(12th – 18th February 2018)

I still remembered when the first time I came here. Four weeks seemed so long, but now only count the days until the time we go home one by one.

#Farewell Party~
(15th February 2018)

All of us have done the pre – service at school for two weeks. This last week we spent the time together to prepare the farewell party.

The party was attended by the Dean of PNRU, the President of PNRU, the lecturers and also Teachers and Supervisors at school. This event includes Giving Certificate, Presentation of Lesson Learned At School and Culture Exchange when the SEA Teachers Participant presented various talents that show their culture from different countries.

Giving Certificate

Presentation of Lesson Learned At School 

#Dinner with our Supervisor

(14th February 2018)

#Third Week in Bangkok: The Judgment Week Has Come!

#Third Week in Bangkok: The Judgment Week Has Come!
(5th – 9th February 2018)

Time flies so faast.... third week, cant believe I can survive :D

This week may be the third week in Bangkok, but actually this was our the last week in Pathumthani. Because this week all of us will be evaluated based our performance both by the teacher at school and the lecturers from PNRU as well. The topic of what will be taught was set by our mentor. The topic was “Problem Solution Essay”.  Our duty was to design the learning activities based on the content given and conduct it. The students needed to learn how to make a Problem Solution Essay ‘cause on final exam they will have this kind of test.

The evaluation started on Tuesday. The schedule was set by our mentor.
Afifah                 5/1          08:00 – 09:40 (1st period)                    Evaluated by Teacher Praew
Istiqomah         5/2          09:40 – 11.20 (3rd period)                     Evaluated by Teacher Palin
Arma                  5/4         10:30 – 12:10 (4th period)                       Evaluated by Teacher PL

#This is it, my evaluation time!
(7th February 2018)

I was nervous to enter the class. this was the first time for me being watched while I teach in front of the class. As Teacher Palin walked into the class then sat on the back. All the students started to look at me with suspicious face. They could smell fear in my face. So when I greet them with typical English Teacher greeting “Good Morning! How are you today?”. The students answered “Good Morning Teacher, I am fine thank you. And you?” (they were sound like teasing hahaa). Actually that was very funny :D The method I used was 3P (Presentation, Practice and Production) just like other teachers at this school. The class activities were divided into three sections. (1) The teacher will be provided the power point then explain it briefly. (2) After the explanation, teacher will have the students to practice (the practice could be from the text book or worksheet). (3) To measure the students understanding, teacher will have students to produced on their own.

In the last section I have the students to produced their own essay by filling the outline with the topics given. The topics were about (1) Traffic Jam, (2) Suicide, (3) Child Labor, (4) Internet Spam, (5) Overpopulation, and (6) Cyber Bullying. They were working in groups. As mandated by my mentor, the students have to made the complete essay and it should be submitted before the final exam.
The Problem Solution Essay Outline

The examples of complete essay

Students’s worksheet

Practice Time

#The Second Evaluation by the Lecturers of PNRU

(9th February 2018)

Afifah, Arma, Istiqomah          2/1          12.10 – 14.10     Evaluated by:                   Ajarn Sasithorn
                                                                                                                                                Ajarn Pichy
                                                                                                                                                Teacher PL

The evalution should be done one by one, but since the lecturers could not come at  that time so this was the second evaluation of us. This was also the evalution of Arma. On Thursday Arma could not do her evaluation, half of Matthayom 5 were to out to do a Science Project. For this reason, we taught Matthayom 2 for two periods in team teaching. The topic was given by the teacher, it was “Active and Passive Voice”. We designed the learning activities on our own. The method was still the same. In the end of lesson we played a game related to the topic. The game called “Race Game”.

#GOOD BYE Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Pathumthani!